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Welcome to the International Research Network Connections Network Operations Center.

The International Research Network Connections Network Operations Center (IRNC NOC) serves as a cooperative point of contact and communications for IRNC network management, providing consolidated network monitoring, reporting, and operational visibility for the IRNC program.  The IRNC NOC facilitates a single set of operational expectations for all IRNC funded infrastructure programs; this enables greater availability of IRNC infrastructure and improves results in troubleshooting multi-domain network issues.  A central data repository created by the IRNC NOC provides critical operational information, monitoring data, and performance metrics in support of NSF funded science and research. 

The IRNC NOC provides support for the following IRNC Backbone and RXP awards:

IRNC Backbone: SXTransPORT Pacific Islands Research and Education Network
Award Number:1451058; Principal Investigator:David Lassner; Co-Principal Investigator:Gwen Jacobs, Ronald Johnson, Louis Fox; Organization:University of Hawaii System;NSF Organization:OAC Start Date:07/01/2015; Award Amount:$4,951,929.00; Relevance:42.2;

IRNC Backbone: TransPAC4 - Pragmatic Application-Driven International Networking
Award Number:1450904; Principal Investigator:Jennifer Schopf; Co-Principal Investigator:Andrew Lee, Hans Addleman; Organization:Indiana University;NSF Organization:OAC Start Date:03/01/2015; Award Amount:$4,800,000.00; Relevance:42.18;

IRNC RXP: Pacific Wave Expansion Supporting SDX & Experimentation
Award Number:1451050; Principal Investigator:Louis Fox; Co-Principal Investigator:Ronald Johnson; Organization:Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California;NSF Organization:OAC Start Date:09/01/2015; Award Amount:$4,174,160.00; Relevance:42.18;

IRNC Backbone: NEAAR: Networks for European, American, and African Research
Award Number:1638863; Principal Investigator:Jennifer Schopf; Co-Principal Investigator:Edward Moynihan, Cathrin Stover, Andoh Hoba; Organization:Indiana University;NSF Organization:OAC Start Date:09/01/2016; Award Amount:$3,250,000.00; Relevance:42.18;

IRNC RXP: StarLight SDX A Software Defined Networking Exchange for Global Science Research and Education
Award Number:1450871; Principal Investigator:Joel Mambretti; Co-Principal Investigator:Maxine Brown, Thomas DeFanti, Jim Hao Chen; Organization:Northwestern University;NSF Organization:OAC Start Date:04/01/2015; Award Amount:$2,500,000.00; Relevance:42.17;

IRNC RXP: AtlanticWave-Software Defined Exchange: A Distributed Intercontinental Experimental Software Defined Exchange (SDX)
Award Number:1451024; Principal Investigator:Julio Ibarra; Co-Principal Investigator:Russell Clark, Heidi L. Morgan; Organization:Florida International University;NSF Organization:OAC Start Date:04/01/2015; Award Amount:$3,658,020.00; Relevance:42.17;

IRNC Backbone: AmLight Express and Protect (ExP)
Award Number:1451018; Principal Investigator:Julio Ibarra; Co-Principal Investigator:Heidi L. Morgan, Donald Cox; Organization:Florida International University;NSF Organization:OAC Start Date:04/01/2015; Award Amount:$5,999,900.00; Relevance:42.17;


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