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The Performance Engagement Team will use the following process when approaching a report performance issue. These issues tend to have a pattern of characteristics, and are dissimilar enough from general network incidents that the PET follows this tweaked process as part of the performance problem resolution process. Performance issues tend to be multi-domain in nature, often without an initial understanding of where the problem may lie. Since the PET doesn't directly manage all of the networks in the end-to-end path, they need to have a process of engagement with network support organizations that can assist in troubleshooting where public tools aren't sufficient. In addiiton, performance problems tend to involve multiple attempts at problem isolation and resolution, leading to issues that generally persist over extended periods of time. The process below seeks to minimize dormancy in attention to the problem. Finally, some issues, by virtue of the host network investment or effort needed to address and underlying issue, may not be immediately resolvable by the PET. This process reflects those realities and provides a mechanism to perform long-term revisit to an issue as the underlying network architecture changes. 

NOTE: Each step in the process diagram is uniquely numbered. For more description of each step, please refer to the Process Description Document

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