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International SST Responsibilities


International SST is responsible for ensuring the following business activities occur on a day-to-day/week-to-week basis:


  • Perform weekly reports on AMPATH, MANLAN, PIREN, TransPAC, WIX
  • Perform Monthly Metrics on ACE, AMPATH, MANLAN, PIREN, TransPAC, WIX
  • Perform Quarterly Reports on ACE and Administrative IRNC Report
  • Daily International Ticket Review of anything created past 24 hours
  • Routine Monthly Nightshift Training regarding Changed/New processes
  • Attend Weekly International Meeting on Tuesday
  • Attend Weekly Research Focus Team Meeting on Wednesday
  • Attend Biweekly SST meeting and Internet2 Focus Team on Tuesday
  • Attend Monthly IRNC meeting on Thursday


International SST is involved in the following frontline activities during shift:


  • Reviewing existing tickets view Tickmon.
  • Monitor ongoing Alarms via Alertmon and Alerts inboxes.
  • Review ongoing mailboxes for actionable items
  • Perform GST on the spot training for ticketing and email issues
  • Perform backup coverage to GSTs
  • Perform daily question and answer


International SST is involved in the following off-frontline activities during shift:


  • Updating existing WebGUI documentation
  • Reviewing Database contacts and appending DB updates as needed
  • Engagement with International engineering groups (AMPATH, PIREN, Intl GRNOC) for systematic process deployment updates
  • Perform network buildout coordination and follow-up for new network additions
  • Backup to I2 SST Weekly OPS Call
  • Guide and advise staff on abnormal situations during SV and LGST absence
  • EITS point person for GRNOC Hardware and Software trouble


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